Professor Shirley Hodgson, Professor of Cancer Genetics,
SW Thames Regional Genetics Service

Shirley Hodgson has worked in the field of cancer genetics for 16 years, promoting the development of cancer genetics clinics at Guys, St Marks and St George’s Hospitals in London, and has published widely on the subject, including the third edition of "A Practical Guide to Human Cancer Genetics", jointly with Eamonn Maher, and now with two more co-authors, Charis Eng and Will Foulkes.
She took up a new post as Professor of Cancer Genetics at St George’s, University of London, in April 2003. She has grant support from CR-UK to develop a randomised trial ("POET") of intrauterine progestagens evaluating their effect in reducing the incidence of endometrial cancer in women with Lynch Syndrome. Recent other research projects include a 3-year investigation into phenotype abnormalities in response to DNA damage in carriers in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations, and chromosome radiosensitivity and apoptotic response of peripheral blood lymphocytes to in-vitro irradiation. She is keen to promote understanding of cancer genetics internationally.



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