Examining Allegations of Election Rigging: Much Ado About Nothing?

The recent elections in Zimbabwe, which President Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF party won by a large margin, have shown how the United States and its European Union allies can work together to change governments in other countries.

They tried to help CCC leader Nelson Chamisa win the election by using hacking, political power, deceit, and not listening to what the people of Zimbabwe wanted. When that didn’t work, they accused the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of rigging the election, which was just a distraction.

Now that their plan failed, it’s embarrassing for the EU to say they’re cutting funding. It’s clear now that the funding was meant to influence ZEC and help Chamisa. The EU should be ashamed of this. ZEC should be praised for resisting this influence.

Chamisa and the US couldn’t go to court because they didn’t have evidence. Zimbabwe is a complex country, and even the mighty US can’t underestimate it. ZANU PF is a modern political party that has adapted to the times.

Zambia is facing problems because of its new leader, President Hichilema, who seems to be influenced by the US. They are getting a large loan from the IMF, which ties them to the US. Nevers Mumba is being used in this situation, and we should feel sorry for him.

Now, let’s talk about the United Nations General Assembly. It’s a place where world leaders meet in New York City. After Zimbabwe’s recent elections, there was a lot of talk and controversy. President Hichilema of Zambia avoided sitting next to President Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe to avoid a tense situation. It’s a missed opportunity for them to talk and clear things up.

Ambassador Johnnie Carson from the US has been trying to influence Zimbabwe through the National Democratic Institute (NDI). He thought he could use EU money to get to ZEC, but ZANU PF is experienced and knows how to handle these situations.

Lord Howel of Guildford in the British House of Commons talked about Zimbabwe’s wealth and how the UK has lost out to Russia and China because they’re focused on politics while Russia and China are doing business with Zimbabwe. It’s an important lesson for the UK.

In conclusion, the recent elections in Zimbabwe and the actions of the US, EU, and UK have caused a lot of controversy and tensions, but they should also consider the economic opportunities in the region.

Image Source: https://www.sundaynews.co.zw/zim-commits-to-prudent-debt-management/

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