Savings O’Clock: Grab Your First Cash Discounts on Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Amazon is selling Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 6 Classic at a lower price for the first time. This watch was just released in August, and now it costs $369 with free shipping, which is $31 less than its usual price of $400. It’s the lowest price it has ever been. Before, there were some offers when you pre-ordered the watch, but this is the first real discount. Best Buy is also offering the same discount today and giving an extra $30 gift card to their Plus and Total account members.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is a high-quality smartwatch that’s different from the others. It’s made of strong stainless steel, and it has a rotating bezel that’s back, which is great. The watch comes with a Super AMOLED screen in either 43mm or 47mm sizes. It also has lots of fitness features like checking your heart rate, tracking your sleep, and a new BIA sensor for more detailed health information. All of this is powered by Wear OS 4. If you want to learn more about it, you can read our announcement coverage that gives you a hands-on look.

The savings today also apply to some other models. Here’s a list of what’s on sale for the first time:

  • 47mm size: $399 (Usually $430)
  • 47mm size with LTE: $449 (Usually $480)
  • 43mm size with LTE: $420 (Usually $450)
  • And more…

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has many features. It has a classic look with a rotating bezel that matches your style. It’s not just stylish; it also helps you access your apps easily. You can use it for fitness tracking, like checking how long you’ve exercised, how far you’ve gone, and how many calories you’ve burned. The watch can recognize different activities like running and swimming, and it tracks over 90 other exercises.

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